625 ST S19 2'n1 84V 1.5kW


Masport produces high performance and extremely durable lawnmowers and has done for well over 80 years. In short, we know how to make a lawnmower that works and lasts. Masport M-TECH® is a new power management system that provides the latest lithium-ion battery technology to power a brushless induction electric motor that will match the performance of many domestic petrol engines. The blade system, handle, wheels, catcher and cutting deck used on this mower is the same as used on petrol powered models, so no compromise in quality or performance.
Cut, Catch & Mulch
Powered by Masport 84V, 4.3Ah internal battery
Push the button and pull the bail to start mowing
1 x 84V Lithium-ion battery
Battery run time - 84V 4Ah Up to 70 mins*
Battery charger included - output: 84V, 3A
5 stage LED battery charge status indicator
485mm (19") heavy duty steel chassis
Solid steel 7/8" motor drive shaft, no plastic fan required
Masport 2 Blade Disc System
Front 200mm (8") and Rear 200mm (8") adjustable mono bearing wheels
Comfortable upturned upper handle with PVC grip
Reinforced lower handle for added strength
Camlocks for quick release handle fold down
Handle Lift System for easy catcher removal and storage
HDPE Plastic Catcher
Masport Dual Mowzone® for edge to edge cutting
5 Year Domestic Motor Warranty/90 Days Commercial Motor Warranty
5 Year Battery and Battery Charger Domestic Warranty
*Run times are based on no load
MOW100 - Chassis Material Spec = Heavy Duty Steel
MOW130 - Cutting Methods Spec = Cut, Catch, Mulch
MOW160 - Cutting Width Spec = 485mm (19")
MOW190 - Cutting System Spec = Masport 2 Blade Disc System
MOW220 - Number of Blades Spec = 2
MOW283 - Motor Spec = Battery
MOW285 - Motor Make Spec = Masport M-TECH®
MOW290 - Motor Model Spec = ELi 84Volt 1.5 kilowatt with load sensing technology
MOW345 - Battery Type Required Spec = 1 x 84V Lithium-ion
MOW350 - Battery Voltage (volts) Spec = 84V
MOW352 - Battery Run Time Spec = Up to 70 mins*
MOW355 - Charge Time (mins) Spec = 120 minutes
MOW460 - Drive System Spec = Push
MOW520 - Catcher Type Spec = HDPE Plastic
MOW550 - Catcher Volume Spec = 42L
MOW580 - Wheel Type & Size Spec = Front 200mm (8") and Rear 200mm (8")
MOW610 - Wheel Bearing Type Spec = Adjustable Mono Ball
MOW640 - Upper Handlebar Type Spec = Upturned with PVC grip and Handle Lift System
MOW670 - Lower Handlebar Type Spec = Reinforced
MOW700 - Handlebar Retainer Spec = Camlocks
MOW730 - Cutting Height Range Spec = 7mm - 73mm
MOW760 - Cutting Height Steps Spec = 11
MOW790 - Cutting Height Adjustment Spec = Single Point
MOW820 - Weight Spec = 27.7kg
MOW830 - Product Dimensions (W x H x L) Spec - Mower = 515mm x 1015mm x 1380mm
MOW855 - _ = *Run times are based on no load

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